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Blu Bor’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Report will help you make the right moves to increase site traffic and improve user browsing experiences!



Want your site to move closer to the top of user search results? Certainly, Blu Bor can help! With Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blu Bor can help you make informed decisions for your pages. Improve site exposure and channel more visitors to your content! Once a month, Blu Bor’s SEO Report includes key metrics. Then, these can be analyzed and applied by tweaking your site based on the results to increase your average site traffic and improve the user’s experience. Learn what users are searching for to find you!


Key Performance Indicators: Identify important site performance metrics at a glance

Session & Page Performance Details: Get an overview of site traffic trends

User Behavior Metrics: Review user behavior to analyze and improve user experiences

Search Query Metrics: See what people are searching for to find your site

The monthly Blu Bor SEO Report offers two full pages of valuable insights to optimize your website’s performance and enhance ease of use, ensuring the right choices are made to direct users to your preferred content. For true Ecommerce excellence, be sure to also check out the Blu Bor Ecommerce Report and the Blu Bor Enhanced Ecommerce Report!

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“Personalized service…”

At Blu Bor, we understand that we succeed when you succeed, and we want to make sure that you do. When you sign up for a service plan with Blu Bor, you are signing up with passionate individuals that value your site’s development.


Also, if you need a web host, Blu Bor’s Shared Hosting has you covered.

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After that, see how Blu Bor’s SEO/SEM & Analytics can help improve site performance and increase sales!


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